Your pay-per-click advertisements should be adjusted throughout campaigns for the best effect. To improve your PPC strategy, it is a good idea to start local with these tips.

Claim Local Listings

Your company listings on Google My Business should be claimed and updated. This is a growing resource to share information and leaving it or outdated can damage your advertisement campaigns.

Set Campaigns Up by Location

If you have multiple location listings, you can leverage the difference in audiences and design a more targeted campaign. For instance, if location A sells more coffee and B sells more tea, you can tie a coffee campaign to the listing for A and a tea campaign to B.

Creatively Include Insider Information

You may have to get creative with how you design an ad to include location in the limited space. You can reference landmarks, use local lingo, or mention seasonal activities.

Target Location by Profit Center

Consider grouping some locations together by profit center to ease your budget. Locations which cannot handle more foot traffic, for instance, can be grouped with a store which is not as busy.

Localize Your Landing Pages

While the advertisements in a PPC campaign generate interest, the landing pages convert the sales. Design your landing pages with contact information, products or services mentioned in the advertisement and ease of readability.

Include Search Partners

Including search partners in your extensions and campaigns can give you a broader audience. It also allows for sponsored placement on Google Maps as well as in-site searches which use the Google search tool.

Audit Capacity by Location

It is important to understand which locations can handle more traffic. Knowing, for instance, that location A is at customer capacity while B is slow, allows you to allocate more of your budget to location B.

Carefully Pick Competitors

You will want to track the campaigns of competitors to make sure you are keeping up. It is best to choose five or so campaigns to watch which offer equal threat and opportunity to your business.

Create Social Moments

Inviting customers to share your advertisements socially can benefit your campaign. This organic marketing increases brand awareness, making customers more likely to click on ads.

Bottom Line Budgeting

Your campaign budget should handle at least ten clicks per day, so setting your bids up to reflect this is essential. Direct funding to the places where you are likely to see the best return.

PPC advertisements can be the best way to bring in new customers and retain those you already have. Knowing how to set up a campaign, as well as how to adjust and track it, can help you get the best bang for your buck.