Assertiveness, intelligence and adaptability are characteristics common to successful small business leaders. However, six leadership habits are common to entrepreneurs that achieve higher success by empowering their employees. These business owners recognize their company achieves greater growth with a team effort done by engaged employees. Here are five habits to develop to empower your staff.

1. Communicate Consistently

You are the key to establishing consistent communication across every level of your organization. Speak with your employees regularly to update them on the company’s progress against goals and how their jobs are vital to meeting those objectives. Keep your leaders informed of any upcoming changes that may affect their teams. Encourage an open-door policy where any employee is welcome to speak with you about any ideas or concerns about their work.

2. Commit to Employee Development

Ambitious employees stay loyal to your company when given a chance to develop leadership skills. Setting up a mentoring program shows your staff you care about their development. Another option is to provide tuition assistance to employees interested in a professional certification program or degree. Encourage your staff to attend seminars or conferences to increase their skills.

3. Recognize Your Top Performers

Nothing motivates an employee more than being recognized for doing an outstanding job. This could be as simple as catering lunch for a team that achieved an important goal. Another idea is to start a monthly recognition program that honors your top performers with a certificate and a reward that’s meaningful to them. Some may want monetary compensation, while others may value time off.

4. Provide Fun Employee Engagement Activities

Your staff will love and appreciate an opportunity to have a little fun together. You can host lunchtime work clubs for like-minded people. Give everyone the afternoon off for an escape room adventure or a picnic in a park with sporting competitions between teams. Perhaps a hackathon for your competitive employees and a painting party for your creatives.

5. Develop Your Interview Skills

Since you have fewer employees, take time during the selection process to ensure you’re hiring the right person. Read up on the candidate’s skill set, come prepared with interview questions, and listen attentively to the answer. Throw a creative or fun question in to better understand the candidate’s personality.

No small business leader can make their company a success on their own. Acquiring these five leadership habits helps you empower your employees to achieve even more.