There’s one form of communication that is accessible from anywhere in the world and it can be accessed from any computer, smart phone, or tablet with an internet connection. That would be email. Everyone uses email, which is why one of the smartest forms of marketing is email marketing. There are some tips and tricks you should know to strengthen the success of your campaign. Here are the five most important.

1. Compile an Email List

Compiling an email list is your first step to get your campaign off the ground. However, first you have to gather those emails. The problem is, people don’t enjoy having their inboxes bombarded by spam, so they’ve become hesitant about offering up their email.

You have to have something they want. Perhaps a newsletter, or a special promotion. Offer them something that is worth providing their email address. Once you have it, be sure your communications remain enticing.

2. Use the Right Service

Looking professional is a vital component of your email marketing campaign. Don’t use just any email service to manage your list, and certainly don’t use one because it’s free or the cheapest. Choose a service that is known for its professionalism. Some of the most trustworthy have been around a while, including MailChimp and Constant Contact.

3. Personalize Your Emails

People will always prefer a personal approach. After all, they like to be recognized. You can achieve this feel by segmenting your email list by general characteristics. For example, if your business offers several different types of products, you may have one group that prefers products geared toward women, and another group that prefers products geared toward men.

By tailoring one email into several sets, you can cater to your different groups. This increases the odds that your email will catch the recipients attention and result in user engagement and purchase activity.

4. Provide a Newsletter

A newsletter offers value. If your customer is interested in your product, they will want to keep up with your business. Always offer content that is useful, as well as content that rewards. You could include special shopping codes for your email subscribers who actually read the email.

5. Pay Attention to Analytics

Regularly analyze the success of your campaigns. This is how you improve. Not every campaign will be a success, but your analytics can give you an idea of what you’re doing right and where you’re getting it wrong. Don’t be afraid to tweak and experiment a little. Eventually, you’re going to find success.

Email marketing campaigns should provide professionalism, a service that offers value, and they require experimentation. Nobody gets it right the first time–probably not even the second or third. Stick with it and you’ll find the right ingredients.