Modern marketers understand that consumers are resistant to advertising. One of the best ways to stand out is to embrace and deploy effective content marketing. Content marketing is a form of advertising that focuses more on selling potential customers not on what a product or service does, but what it can do for them. From FIY home improvement videos to elaborate emotional storytelling, content marketing can be extremely effective when done right. Here are some key concepts to help ensure success.

First, Define Your Strategy

Let’s start with something that’s obvious but gets overlooked far too often: define your content marketing strategy before diving into the tactics. What are you trying to achieve? Who is your target audience? What do you want them to take away from the content? How will this convert to sales? These answers will guide your creative messaging in the right direction.

Look Inside for Great Ideas

Content marketing is unique in the advertising world as it relies less on sharp copy and slick production than it does on personal connection. As such, a great content idea can come from anywhere in your organization, not just your in-house ad wizards! Put out a company-wide call explaining who you’re trying to reach and what emotions you’re trying to convey. Ask for ideas of videos that match these parameters and see what comes in!

Be Ready to Roll

Your content marketing creators and producers need to have your strategy ingrained so that when they see an opportunity, they’re ready to capture it. Everything from a customer discussing their happiness with your product at a trade show to seeing someone working with it in the field, make sure they are tuned in and ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Invest in Infrastructure That Will Get Your Content Seen

Great content marketing isn’t worth much if it’s not seen by the right people. Work with your digital agency (if you have one) to make sure you’re buying the right platforms and placing items in the right places for your target audience.

Always Call to Action

While content should be more about the experience than the product, you still need to work to close the sales loop. It can be as simple as ending with a “Click here to learn more” graphic, or your social media information, but it must be there to inspire action.

Plan your strategy, craft your ideas, and deploy them thoughtfully. This will set up your content efforts to be great successes.