Insightful business owners are always seeking to improve their companies, and one undeniably perceptive strategy is to increase workplace diversity. Diverse teams of employees bring more perspectives to projects, which results in greater innovation in meeting the needs of customers. This leads to businesses bringing more value to their clients, which in turn positively impacts the company bottom line. For these reasons it is important for companies to attract and retain a diverse workforce with employees from all races, genders, backgrounds, and religions. Here are some strategies to help you accomplish this.

Select Leaders Carefully

When you are looking for employees to fill leadership positions, consider the desirability of offering diverse perspectives to your customers. Besides looking at the past accomplishments and future potential of candidates, focus on a larger vision of having diverse company leadership. Be sure that you are not unintentionally making it difficult for women and other less-represented people to attain leadership positions.

Encourage Mentorship

A strong mentorship program encourages diversity by allowing employees from different backgrounds to grow in their skills and responsibilities. If mentors deliberately select mentees with diverse experiences and viewpoints, your company will benefit from a wider range of perspectives leading to greater client value.

Anticipate the Needs of New Parents

Consider offering a lighter workload to employees coming back after extended parenting leave. Give them time to readjust to the workplace and to learn to balance their responsibilities on the job and as new parents. Considering the needs of parents is another aspect of enhancing the diversity of your company. The ideal situation, of course, is to have a workforce that is diverse enough so that you no longer need to measure it or take active steps to improve it.

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