As a business owner, you face challenges that others simply do not. Your life is not easy. Some days flow well and turn out great, while others are filled with problems you may not see a way around. You probably also recognize that time is a finite commodity that you need to make the most of. Therefore, these are a few productivity tips that can change your life.

Get Your Body Moving

Most entrepreneurs sit for extended periods of time during the day. This practice can make you feel sluggish and can affect the oxygen and blood that flows throughout your body and to your brain. Therefore, you should find ways to move your body throughout the day. Even a short workout, 15 minutes or so, can dramatically improve your focus and production. However, some sources suggest that you get up and move every 30-60 minutes, even if you only stretch your muscles.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

What you put in your mind is what your brain focuses on. Therefore, avoid negative TV, books or individuals, especially first thing in the morning. Instead, read, watch or listen to inspirational stories or find books on personal development. The method doesn’t matter, but the content of the message is vitally important. Feed your mind and get it pumped up and ready for a day of success.

Do the Least Enjoyable Tasks First

You probably start your day with a to-do list. Some things on your list may take a matter of minutes while others may take hours. Inevitably, you will need to do things that you don’t enjoy. If you start with these things first and get them out of the way, you can then spend most of your day doing more enjoyable tasks.

Prioritize Your Day

Although you should do the least enjoyable tasks first, don’t move them ahead of tasks with a higher priority. Instead, review your list each morning and choose the three projects with the highest priority. They should be items that you absolutely must get done that day. Then, prioritize the rest of your list. Start with the first item on the list, and don’t move on until it is completed.

Embrace Technology

Many of today’s tasks can be automated, especially if they are routine. You can also find scheduling and prioritization applications that can help you with your task list. Search for automation opportunities and tools that will help you increase your productivity throughout the day.

Your productivity has a direct impact on your success. Therefore, consider these tips as you discipline yourself and strive toward success.