While many mobile apps are created for entertainment purposes, there are also a handful that are created for business management purposes. These are the apps that can help you manage your work days more efficiently. No matter what you need assistance with, there is probably an app out there that can help you. Here are a few apps that are designed for business tasks.


When it comes to your business’s finances and accounting practices, you may find yourself overwhelmed. One way to avoid this is to start using QuickBooks Online. The program is ideal for small business accounting. You can even customize it as your business develops and grows. 

FreshBooks is the app to use if you need help with basic accounting tasks. The additional benefit to this particular app is that you can use it to remind customers/clients that they need to pay their invoices. 


If your business involves selling goods or services, using a point-of-sale (POS) app can help you expand and provide extra convenience to your customers. One of the most common apps for this is Square. It is best suited for small businesses, and allows you to use mobile devices in place of cash registers. 

For restaurants and fast food businesses, Toast is the ideal POS software. It has functions for running both back and front of house operations. The app makes it easy for servers to manage tables and cooks to manage orders. You can even set it up so customers can order through third-party services. 


Keeping your employees paid on time is especially important when running a small business. Using the Patriot Payroll app makes it easy to offer employees direct deposit, and lets you control the employee portals the way you want them. 

Project Management

At times, project management can feel like an impossible undertaking. But it can be made easier with apps like Asana. It gives you the ability to manage multiple projects. The app’s capacity for storing large falls is never-ending.

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