consumer financing options

Offer Your Customers Flexibility With Consumer Financing

How would your business benefit if your customers could pay more easily? Emerald Valley Financial Services works with businesses like yours to set up consumer finance programs. Offer your customers credit cards and/or lines of credit to help them pay for your goods and services with ease. This is a great way to invest in the success of your company.

How It Helps You

The main benefit of consumer financing is that it will increase your number of sales and the value of each sale. Furthermore, it is a great way to build brand visibility and establish a loyal customer base. You can expect increased repeat business. Emerald Valley Financial Services can offer you some unique advantages such as the following:

  • Fast program setup
  • Training for your team members
  • Debt collection
  • Excellent support

How It Helps Your Customers

Our program is also beneficial for your customers. It will make budgeting easier and helps them to buy the things they need while spreading out the cost. In short, this program is a win-win. Also, they will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Access to revolving credit
  • A fast application process
  • High limits
  • Consistent approvals
  • More convenient money management
  • Reliable financial services

Get Started

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