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 Finance Your Equipment Needs

If your business needs equipment, you may be concerned about the dent it will leave in your cash position. For some businesses, investing in tools and machines is impossible without equipment financing. Fortunately, Emerald Valley Financial Services can help with leases and loans. We can make paying for your equipment needs easier so that you can grow your business.

Equipment Leasing and Financing

At Emerald Valley Financial Services, we can offer financing and leasing options. Some customers opt for the financing option so that they will own their equipment. This is a great choice for items that won’t become obsolete soon.

We can offer fast turnaround times and loans with up to 84-month terms. For smaller amounts, we don’t require financial statements. Additionally, you can get a loan without a down payment in some cases.

Other customers prefer our equipment leasing options. This is a great way to keep low payments, avoid equipment obsolescence and enjoy tax and accounting advantages. A lease will help to keep your cash free for other needs while also preserving lines of credit. Leasing is an excellent choice if the item is likely to last less than 10 years before requiring replacement.

Our Programs

Our leases and loans can cover almost all types of equipment. Additionally, we offer some special programs to help customers in unique circumstances:

  • Startup: We work with new businesses to help them get their initial equipment.
  • Poor Credit: If you have less-than-ideal credit, it can be hard to get financing. We may be able to help.
  • Sales & Lease Back: We will buy your current equipment and lease it back to you. This is a good way to get an infusion of cash when you need it.
  • Government & Municipal: We provide guaranteed approval on leases for government entities. This includes uniformed services, school districts, libraries and other federal, state and local agencies.

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