Professionalism sounds like it’s only for elite careers, but at its essence it’s simply business etiquette and conduct. To be professional means that you understand how to conduct yourself in a work environment. Here are our best tips for being a professional, regardless of where you work.

Show Up on Time

Being prompt to meetings or for work is a sign of disrespect to others. Show up a few minutes early to show that you value other people’s time.

Leave Your Bad Mood at Home

Come to work in a good mood. When you have a bad day, don’t take it out on your colleagues, boss or customers. You might let your co-workers know that you’re being quiet if you aren’t up to your normal banter. Don’t complain. Stay positive. If you notice a problem in the workplace, talk to your boss and find solutions.

Dress Appropriately

Show up in work clothing for your job. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Wear appropriate footwear that is neat and tidy. Maintain good hygiene.

Watch Your Language

Know the norms for your industry as it pertains to swearing or cussing. It might be okay to use some swear words in a kitchen, but not as a waiter, for example. In most workplaces, swearing is highly inappropriate though. In addition, don’t tell jokes that might be in bad taste. You should also watch your political commentary in the workplace. It’s one thing to have opinions, but you don’t want to be divisive.

Take Feedback

You’re going to make a mistake in your job. Your boss may see things in you that need to improve. Don’t let feedback make you angry. Own up to mistakes and try to do better. Don’t blame your co-workers.

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