A website is one of the most critical tools a business has to increase its name recognition and revenue. Good web design ensures that visitors can easily navigate your site and that your content is reader-friendly. These are some tips to consider when adding content to your site.

Avoid Dense Blocks of Text

Most people will quickly scan your site’s pages to determine if they are interested in its content. Any written material on your site must take this habit into account. Assume that no one will want to read through large blocks of text to get to the meat of what your page offers. Instead, use the fewest possible words and break them into frequent, small paragraphs.

Add Contrasting Colors

A web design that incorporates contrasting colors will contribute to the content’s readability. Computer monitors vary regarding how they translate colors; however, when there is a strong contrast between the text’s color and the background against which it appears, every reader can quickly scan the information.

Consider The Format

Your text will be easily readable when you find ways to group it into sections that summarize essential points. For example, the use of bullet lists or headers can help with the following:

  • Eliminate unnecessary words
  • Bring attention to important points
  • Break up text
  • Provide immediate answers to readers’ questions

Choose a Simple Font

Your website’s font contributes to its readability and helps visitors obtain the information they need while quickly scanning. Your visitors will not want to continue reading through your site’s pages if they must decipher words or unfamiliar shapes. Choose simple, sans serif fonts in a point size that suits the page layout but that anyone can quickly read.

Include relevant images

The adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is especially true when it refers to web design. Sometimes showing a reader what you want to say makes it easier to digest than explaining through text. Pictures can help reduce the amount of time visitors spend reading and capture their attention better than words.

Check spelling, grammar and punctuation

You have only a few seconds of your readers’ attention to make your point; therefore, your text must state what you mean to say. Be sure that no one can misinterpret your site’s words through misspelling or poor grammar and punctuation.

Whether you are selling financial services or blog about life, your website’s content must be easily readable.