Investing in commercial real estate is among the best decision you can make. With the high and sustainable profit margin involved, one can only expect success. While the prospect can be interesting, knowing how and where to invest in commercial properties becomes essential. Below are the most profitable commercial properties in real estate you can invest in.


With the increasing need for better accommodation facilities, investing in apartments can guarantee success fast. There is a sustainable and huge amount of cash flow and equity in this type of commercial property, making it the best option to consider. There is also appreciation as you can increase rent amount while reducing the expenses at the same time.

Office Buildings

Every business needs a physical location and an office for its operation. Attracting the right customers can prove hectic when a business lacks an office. When you invest in office buildings in commercial real estate, you have more chances of making profits than losses. The longer the business operates in the building, the more profits you make in the process.

Storage Facilities

Self-storage and warehouses are essential in production and manufacturing businesses. A company needs to have storage facilities that make it possible to meet consumers’ demands. By investing in self-storage and warehouses, you also have a platform that is profitable and sustainable.

Shopping Centers

Everyone looks to buy basic stuff such as food and clothes. This means going to the mall or the shopping centers becomes the only option. Investing in shopping centers guarantees success as they attract both business people and consumers. It is easier to start small and scale up when you invest in shopping centers.

Mobile Home Parks

Though not widely talked about, this is another commercial real estate property that is profitable, and you should invest in. Mobile home parks serve both the low and high-class individuals making them essential in the long run. They also require low working capital, and you can start small and grow up as you make profits. While investing in real estate is profitable, you should be sure of the direction you take, especially in commercial properties. For effective guidance about profitable commercial real estate investment, contact Emerald Valley Financial Services today.