With everyone working from home due to the pandemic, businesses need new and better ways to collaborate on projects and tasks. Here are some business apps to try if you’re looking for ways to increase productivity at work.


It’s no surprise how popular Zoom has become since the start of the pandemic. As the go-to for video conferencing, it’s easy to use with fairly universal controls between operating platforms and offers both free (best for small teams) and paid options.


This business app allows you to host conference calls without having a required PIN and without having Internet access. UberConference is free for up to 10 users and the paid options provides the opportunity to customize call-in numbers.


Perfect for file syncing and teams with individuals that use different processing systems and documentation software, Dropbox has an easy to use platform and charges $10 per month per terabyte of space.


One of the top business apps for collaborations, Slack allows you to text, chat, audio and video call teammates while working on projects. It allows you to set up specific channels per project or department and provides the ability to invite even temporary workers or contractors to join the project space. The app offers a free trial as well as two subscription tiers.


G-Suite is great for small business who want are not interested or invested in purchasing expensive, new software packages. G-Suite is free and offers users access to Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Drive and email allowing you to create, edit, share and export documents all in one place.

GoogleDrive and Docs

Similar to G-Suite, GoogleDrive allows you store large amounts of content in one place while giving particular permission to specifics members for editing and sharing. GoogleDrive has an offline mode that works seamlessly with all platforms with access to an unlimited amount of storage.


Dashlane is a privacy business app that allows you to store and share important information and passwords as needed. They offer both free and paid options depending on how much storage is needed.


Designed and suited for digital design projects, InVision allows teams to meet up and share progress and feedback on current projects. Progress is tracked through the app using a whiteboard feature that allows you to give presentations and share plans in real time.


Fully customizable, Trello is a task management app that allows you to organize projects and departments within the company into task boards that can be monitored. Trello also allows you to create virtual to-do lists for the whole company.

With work-life balance becoming more a topic in the workplace, remote work and balancing productivity is going to become more of a pressing concern. Using one or more business apps to help lighten your management load can go a long way to boosting company morale and productivity. For more tips on how to balance your company’s productivity while recovering from the pandemic, contact Emerald Valley Financial Services today.